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Hello and Welcome!

You've probably stumbled across this site looking for pretty pictures, or because you'd love to capture where you are right here and right now in life.  Let me tell you a little bit how I got started making these photos! My passions are weddings & stylized portraiture. My goal is to to be a story teller – a story you can relive through your images, and a story you can share for generations to come.  I adore and admire the art of lifestyle and documentary photography. Posed photographs can be gorgeous, but the art of capturing raw, everyday moments in their own unique beauty is something that I study, and am passionate about!

I live in Indiana, Pennsylvania (about an hour east of Pittsburgh - Go Steelers!) with my husband-slash-programming extraordinaire Tyler, our beautiful daughter Alexis, and our fun-loving Jack Russell Terrier mix, Brooklyn. We love spending time outdoors, traveling the world, taking long walks around our neighborhood, and indulging in regular date nights.

I have worked in the wedding industry for over six years prior to photographing weddings, so I am able to handle the challenges of the day with ease. My wedding photography style illustrates my love of spontaneity and finding the beauty in simple moments. I love capturing life as it happens. I believe that those perfect moments don’t need a lot of added flare or editing, they simply need someone talented to freeze them in time just as beautiful as they are.

My love for wedding photography was years in the making, but it was when I experienced planning my own destination wedding – and seeing family and friends come together once in a lifetime in a beautiful location to celebrate love and life, it was then that I truly started to realize that documenting the love of a wedding day was the most precious form of art one can create.  Not just between the bride and groom, but a story of families and generations – something that will forever stand the test of time. Over time and experience with many forms of photography, I came to realize my true passion lies in documenting these stories.  The enjoyment that I have for telling the story of each couple’s day has allowed me to further a unique style that focuses on not only the beautiful poses and the details you worked hard to put together, but everything that happens within the blur of the wedding day – the raw and candid emotions – those you never want to forget, and some – like that tear that Grandma shed as she watched her granddaughter make a promise under God – moments that you didn’t even know occurred. Being able to share that with my couples and to allow them to relive their day in a ways they didn’t see it –  with the tears included – is my biggest goal. To allow them to remember such an amazing event, frozen in time, is the sweetest gift they can receive.

This is why I love wedding photography.  If you’re planning your wedding, let’s talk about your ideas and dreams for your big day over a latte… or if you’d prefer, a glass of wine.